Ode To Balmain

Ode To Balmain

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Accessory Design Meets Illustration

Typographic Exploration with Gen Z slang terms

Gen Z Slang Typography

Analogue and Typography exploration


Goja | Joyfully Sustainable

Web Design | Illustration | Branding


Fashion & Black Panther

Layout Design


Oh nothing, Just my quick sketches



Fashion Editorial | Art Direction


Visual Identitiy | Social Graphics



Pattern Design for Face Masks


    My latest project is called Goja- /ˈd͡ʒoja/ which means Joyful in Esperanto.

The illustrated website aims to create a deeper understanding of sustainable fashion practices. Based on Brismar’s seven types of sustainable practice, the project introduces 7 Illustrated personas that contribute to sustainable fashion in different ways. The website also offers a database that familiarizes the audience with various fashion brands and services that match the user’s sustainable personality type.

    The goal is to minimize the value-action gap that is present between what people believe in and what people do in terms of sustainable fashion.


This Is My Story

People call me Mahtab. It means Moonlight in Farsi. I'm a designer based in Toronto, Ontario.

In the midst of looking for new ways to express my ideas, I have gained specialization in graphic design, Illustration, and art direction. I like to use my vivid imagination  to reach practical solutions.

After obtaining my  Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design, I decided to pursue my love for fashion and started studying Fashion Communication at Ryerson University. 

Here you can discover my portfolio, as well as my tiny blog where I post about design and fashion. 

You can click on my signature to see my resume, or email me at info@mahttob.com

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