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Kora Financial Inc.
How Boro became Kora

Skillset: Brand Design, User Interface Design, Design Systems


Design Thinking Methodology

Duration: 3 months

Brand Pillars: Thrive, Grow, Protect.

Thrive: The essence of financial wellness. We aimed to create a brand identity that conveys vitality, growth, and abundance, all while subtly integrating the "K" to resonate with our brand name.

Grow: The heart of financial prosperity. The brand needed to communicate a sense of continuous improvement, upward momentum, and the potential for endless expansion, with the "K" seamlessly woven into the design.

Protect: The foundation of financial security. We strived to build a brand that exudes trust, safety, and reliability, with the letter "K" forming an integral part of the visual identity.


As a visual designer at Kora, I had the incredible opportunity to play a pivotal role in shaping and evolving the Kora brand. Our mission was clear: to empower our users, college students, to thrive financially, grow their wealth, and protect their assets. 

This rebranding journey was about more than just aesthetics; it was about embodying core principles and values. Notably, the company had a strong desire for the design to incorporate the letter "K," symbolizing a connection between the brand and its users.

Components needed

For this project, I needed to make sure all the following components were designed to align with the overall brand image:

  • Iconography

  • UI Design System

  • Ilustration Style

Theory and research

Researching colour psychology

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Researching Finance Motifs

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Competitive Analysis

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