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The Typical Girl's LA Trip

Have you heard the song "party in the U.S.A" by Miley Cyrus? It sort of  explains how my trip to Los Angeles began. Except I didn't see the Hollywood sign right after I hopped on the cab, And jay-z wasn't playing on the radio. My friends from Orlando picked me up and we listened to some cheesy Persian music. Skipping ahead a couple of days, we decided to fuel our cultural engines by visiting the Getty Museum.

Perfect place to show off an outfit,  right?  The pants from Guess are the signature peace. The shoes are from Aldo, which I matched with a similar choker from the same brand.( I also matched my bra with my shoes, it sort if peeks out of my shirt sometimes). the shirt is from BP.  I Got an overall baby blue colour theme going on. Accidentally I sort of match the architecture of the museum too. 

It's really important to wear cool and comfortable clothes when visiting a museum such as Getty, I recommend flat shoes, although my heels were really comfortable. But hey, if I'd wore flats, I could have checked out a couple more exhibitions.

 Comfort always comes first. Duh.

Photos taken by the one and only Leily Khatibi AKA @fewnew

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