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The Ryerson Hoodie

I know I bothered you all with posts about my new life last year, but I have moved  yet again to a new location; Toronto. I love this city so much. why? Multiple reasons. For one it sort of reminds me of my hometown, Tehran. Crowded. Busy. Love it. And then again because it's sort of like the utopia I always imagined myself living in. All I need now is a loft and a dog, and an art directing job in publishing.  I hesitated to post early on when I moved here because I wanted to take in everything about this city and the new university life. I also took a part time job. It's all so overwhelming but fun and crazy and bizarre at the same time. I'm having feelings I've never experienced in my life before. I'm confused, happy, homesick, miserable all at the same time. Yes, very much like the Taylor Swift song, but at 24. My recent outfit holds a dear place in my heart because it's practically what I'm wearing everyday now. My Ryerson hoodie. No I don't have time to get dressed and do my make up. I sleep late because of assignments and wake up 15 minutes to my class and that's why this hoodie is my best friend. Add a pair of jeans and I'm off. I just styled the outfit with the raincoat to look good for the photoshoot.

This is my life now. I need some getting use to this. Hopefully the future Toronto posts will be more glamorous. 

The amount of fun I have

I have made new friends and I have met a lot of new people. I like my new friends. They have been  really supportive so far and make me feel at home. I hope these friendships will get deeper. I still miss my friends back home but I talk to them every day, so it's a win win scenario. I work 20 hours a week and go to class the rest of the week, so I can only go out and have fun at night. so far I've been to some amazing places but I've come to the conclusion that I don't really like clubs that much. They're too loud and a lot of creepy people try to flirt with you. I'm lucky because every time a creepy guy tried to approach me, my friend would jump in and start dancing with me and they would just wander off. Bars are much better. they're more cozy and you can actually have a conversation with someone. I miss Persian parties though. with Persian music and the whole Persian vibe. 

On an emotional note

You never really miss your parents until you're living alone. It's such a contradictory feeling because while you're enjoying your independence, something is actually missing. My mom came and visited me this weekend and she took my photos. She’s so cute cause she holds her breath when she wants to press the shutter button, cause she thinks if she breathes the photo might turn out blurry. Love her to death.

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