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The Perfect Girl

What makes the perfect girl? is there even such a thing? the thought crossed my mind one day As I was skimming through my Instagram account. I was going through the explore page and noticed something disturbing. I kept seeing almost Identical pictures of girls, with practically the same pose, same kind of smile, same style of clothing and so on. I decided to take a deeper look and visited some of their profiles. all of them seemed to be leading very happy and fun lives. all their pictures were in parties or with their friends . even their work pictures had the same feel to it. now this is all good don’t get me wrong. the bad part in my opinion is, it seems all so staged, so… what’s the word I’m looking for? CLONED. in some cases it seemed as if some of them were just trying too hard. Are we all so eager to keep up the image of a perfect girl? what are the standards? who defines the standards? why is every body trying to look a certain way? shouldn’t it be effortless? Unique? with all the problems going on in our lives don’t we at least owe it to ourselves to just let ourselves be perfectly flawed? and wouldn’t everybody feel better if we weren’t afraid to flaunt our flaws instead of hiding them? I believe flaunting one’s flaw is the first step to fixing it if necessary.

we are all special cases-Albert Camus

this is me in my pyjamas, no make up, a little bit tired, all my physical flaws showing. I am not perky and bubbly all the time. I have my bad moments like everybody. It’s just easy to envy people when all you see of them are pictures on social media. first of all don’t compare yourself to other people, and second of all nobody likes to post a picture of themselves in their tough times. Just stop trying so hard. be proud of your struggles and allow yourself to be imperfect. see how that changes your happiness.

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