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The Girl In Yellow

Have you ever considered that wearing a specific thing or carrying a certain accessory might affect your mood?

Do you have a lucky hat? Bracelet or t-shirt you secretly wear when you just want a little bit of extra luck?

I've been contemplating the subliminal affects that clothes may have on our lives. It's a vast discussion and has many branches that I could just spend hours and hours writing about. For example: how we feel more confident in some clothes and less confident wearing other items in out wardrobe even though everyone says we look splendid in that outfit.

What makes an object of clothing special to the wearer?

I have interviewed Alexandra Grzelewski, a fashion communication student at Ryerson to find out what items  brightens up her day.

The girl in Yellow.

“Yellow is a happy colour for me. I read somewhere that Van Gogh used to eat yellow paint to elevate his mood”- says Alex when I ask her why she loves yellow so much.

7 years ago Lady Gaga inspired her to embrace her weirdness and so she decided to dye her hair yellow. "It appeals to me because I felt like a misfit back in my teen years and this made my appearance resonate with the absolute optimist that I am".  Yellow hair makes her feel more comfortable with herself. Since she's a natural optimist, this helps her take stuff a step further into  the pursuit of becoming someone with no negative thoughts. It might be a challenge at some times, but having reminders  when she looks in the mirror really helps her.

The outfit:

The T-shirt holds special importance Cause she climbed the great wall of china in 2011, so it reminds her of one of her great achievements and gives her a sense of accomplishment since it reminds her of the climb, plus she likes to show off her travel stories.

The bag

 first question everyone asks her is "what is it?" And "Why did you buy it?" Of course people who actually know her would never ask WHY because it's obvious. 

She searched the word yellow on Depop and found this bag made by LAFAILLE , a Montreal designer who has degrees in both fashion and industrial design. The item was made out of the leftover items from the brand’s previous collection.  

On a lighter note:

in order to spread her sunshine wherever she goes, Alex also has a smiley face movement.

She bought a role of 1000 smiley stickers for 15$ and started sticking them to wherever she felt like it. The idea for this movement came from street art and graffiti. You can’t help but smile when you see a smiley face. can you?

Tell me about your happy or lucky piece of clothing, where has it brought you luck? Why does it make you feel more confident or happy when you wear it? what sentimental value does the item have for you?

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