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That Hat's Fedorable

Does a person define the hat they’re wearing or does the hat define the person?

 I’d argue that unless you’re Charlie Chaplin, the hat defines you.

See that’s not a bad thing. We could use hats to give us a little confidence boost if we need it, or we could choose one that helps us blend in and feel more comfortable. You know, whatever floats your boat. Even if you fancy a fedora and think they’re all over the place, go for it. Who cares?

Schedules are getting busier and busier but that doesn't mean I can't take a couple of hours to get out of my usual habit of wearing hoodies and sweatpants and dress up a bit for lunch. I am a fashion student after all. It's good to feel like one once in a while.

Photos by: Tara Omidvar

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