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Spring & My Lucky Dress

Spring finally hit Toronto. We had a pretty sunny day on Sunday and I just decided to put  my new lucky dress on and go for a walk in Allan Gardens. Yes I said lucky dress. I'm kind of superstitious when it comes to clothing and objects. Whenever something cool happens while I'm wearing a specific outfit it makes me feel like wearing that outfit in the future will also bring me more good experiences. I had another dress similar to this one and I've had so many fond memories with it. I've worn it during my travels to Turkey in the summer and when I saw this one in the store I just fell in love with it. So I took the opportunity of the nice weather and called my friend Alex for a photoshoot. Allan Gardens is a pretty awesome place and in the morning when it's quiet it's a perfect spot for meditation too.

Meditating has helped me so much this year. I really got into it and now I try to meditate everyday for 20 minutes. I try to empty my mind and the whole process has made me so much more mindful. It helps me go with the flow of life and I've learned to stop resisting and just relax and let my life unfold before me.

Try it.

Here is a link to my meditation playlist which is exactly 21 minutes and so you don't have to open your eyes to see if your time is up. Just stop when the music does.

Here's how I meditate:

1-I drink a glass of water

2-I find a calm and comfortable place.

3- I sit in a comfortable position

4-I close my eyes and take deep breaths

5- I try to empty my mind which is hard sometimes but I focus on the rhythm of my breathing and just listen to my playlist.

6-I don't fight anything that comes to my mind but rather acknowledge it and imagine my thoughts landing on a lily pad and drifting into the distance.

7-during all of these steps I remind myself to relax my muscles

Try this and tell me about your experiences.

Love to hear from you.

Photos By: Alexandra Grzelewski 

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