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Splurging On My Hand Accessories

Why I spent so much on my hands

 This article is probably gonna be a weird one. The thing is that one day I was not feeling at all happy,you know immigrating to a new country,post grad anxiety, not feeling challenged in a quiet city,missing my grandfather and being afraid he's already forgotten me because of his Alzheimer's,etc. I broke down on my way to work,crying my eyes out as if I couldn't control myself. I work at the mall ,and finding that I'm in no situation to work properly that day,I decided to take a couple hours off.

What happened next was that I indulged myself In some huge shopping therapy. So here's the story:

I like my hands,I think they are the prettiest part of my body. So I decided I'd spend money on them to make myself feel better. First step,buy a watch. But why an Iwatch? Because I used to watch James Bond cartoons as a kid and he would talk to his colleagues or whatever through his watch and I sort of fantasized that would be me one day.Goofy,I know but it is what it watch doesn't have (laser-cut ability though).First task,done. Second, off to Swarovski to buy something to make my feminine side feel a little better.I bought a bracelet and a ring. The ring is not in this photo of course. I bought the ring cause I saw it on Miranda Kerr's hand in a billboard an it blew me away. Feeling alot better ,but not quite there. I also needed a manicure . So I went into the salon with my puffy eyes and asked for a manicure with french nail polish. I always regret getting a french manicure cause it does not look right on my fingernails ,so remember : not everything you like suits you.having someone tend to my hands and rub them and all the shopping therapy made me feel a lot better but left my pocket emptier. it was worth it. Indulge in some kind of shopping therapy that suits you! Buy some ridiculous thing you never thought you helps,seriously.

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