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Saving Money?

Let me talk to you about high waisted trousers and saving money. Funny story actually.I work in the mall ,so you might think that I have plenty of time to check out all the stores and clothes and do a lot of window would be wrong though because I'm responsible for closing the store and by the time I get out , all of the stores are closed as well. So I can't be the shopaholic I used to be .the alternative to window shopping for me is checking out websites online as I'm falling asleep (much like a lot of other typical girls) .I really like high waisted trousers but I haven't owned one in a long time. As I was skimming through Pinterest I saw one that was on sale for 11 dollars at forever 21.Bingo .I ordered it and I felt so proud of myself for saving a lot of money and all.but by the time I checked out I found out I was spending just the same price as the trousers on shipping. Just when you think you've made an achievement in saving money. But still I got it for a pretty good price eh? And the anticipation of waiting for mail is really exhilarating for me. 11 days later and they do they look? Pretty simple but I like it.I matched my earrings with my tattoo and ring which I fell in love with from Oak + Fort.

Have you had any saving wins lately? tell me about it if you like.

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