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Quality Vs Quantity, The Dokmeh Design Story

See the bag I'm Carrying? It's name is Chaaylee. It was named after one of the small villages in Iran. That's how Dokmeh Design studio names it's products. Bags that are crafted in the cold seasons are named after villages in the cooler parts of Iran, and products made in the summer are named after the villages with a warmer climate.

Dokmeh is one of the design studios that I had the privilege to collaborate with during my visit to Tehran, Founded by Mohammad Fatehi & Zahra Ehsan . 

 Chaaylee and all other bags produced in the studio are all hand made, And unique. I wouldn't call Dokmeh a brand because all of the bags are all crafted in limited numbers, and clients can also customize their chosen design to better suit their taste and personality. A brand in my opinion refers to something made in high number of quantities. This may cause a lower amount of precision and quality in the products. It is a wise decision to focus on the quality of a product, rather than paying attention only on selling and making money. In the long run people are going to remember something because it made a statement, Appealed to the client's individuality, and made them feel proud that they invested in it. 

My notes on Chaylee

I like bags that have a specific shape, are hard cased and compartment-like. That's why Chaylee caught my eye so much. The key attached to the front of the bag has overtime become a symbol of Dokmeh's designs. Quality has been maintained also in the details of this bag. The sewing is precise and you can tell by holding the bag that it's going to live for a long time and just get better with age. Remember that's how it is with proper leather. The zippers are strong and they don't lag at all. They are a bit sharp on your hands when you reach in for your stuff but not too much to cause any problems. I am also happy to say that this particular bag is the winner of an A'Design award in the fashion and travel accessory category.

 I urge fashion fanatics and enthusiasts that are looking to buy from designers in Iran to have a deeper perspective about what they are looking for in a product. Pay attention to the details. Quality is much more important than just a Brand name. 

you can see other bags and products made by Dokmeh on their website :

instagram: @dokmehdesign

"On a lighter note"

we took these photos in Masoudieh Estate in Tehran. It was really crowded that day and by the time we were done taking the pictures I was really craving "Chelo Kabab". But it was 4 in the afternoon and we basically searched the whole town for a place to be open but we had no luck. We wouldn't give up though. We searched and searched and spent a lot of time in traffic. Listened to a lot of music, and called every place in town. Someone actually made the suggestion that we should just go home and make some kebab ourselves, or wait till tommorow. Nu-uh. I was gonna get some kebab in my body no matter what. We finally found a place by 6:00 pm and let me tell you, kebab never tasted so good. It's so satisfying to get what you've been searching for, even if it is something as simple as kebab.

Thanks to Amirali Piroozbakhsh for the photos

Instagram: @photobyamiralii

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