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Pin Therapy

 If you’re anything like me, Pinning in Pinterest is considered as kind of a therapy for you. I call it “Pintherapy”. whenever I’m feeling unmotivated, all I have to do is open Pinterest in my browser and a whole new world unravels before my eyes. I get to fantasize about what future house I’m going to be living in, what kind of adventures I’m going to have, what type of products I might end up purchasing, and most importantly, what kind of outfits I can put together.

so usually whenever I’m uninspired about what I want to wear, I just flip through my boards and mix some of the pins together and get creative with the clothes I have in my closet. Case in point: the outfit I’m wearing in this photo is a combination of two pins that you see below.

the left one is from Vogue UK and the right one is from a blog called "French Girl". if you hover over the picture you can get a link to her weblog.

the pants are from forever 21. I’ve worn them in at least 2 of my  previous posts. the jean shirt is my mom’s. I don’t know where she bought it but I’m guessing Tajrish, a market in Tehran. visiting Pinterest is really good for boosting creativity in all aspects. use what you get from visiting this site and create fabulous things in real life. it’s so exhilarating 

Photo Taken By Dilbar Rakhmanova

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