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Nose Piercing

So I’ve been contemplating getting a nose piercing for a while now and so today the first thing I did about it was that I searched for the pros and cons of getting a nose piercing. some of the pros was that it heals really quickly and the pain is really minimum so that’s good. also it said it would heal really fast if i decide not to keep it so I figured “what’s the harm?” then I just searched for a highly reviewed piercing place and booked an appointment to go and get it done,watched a lot of youtube videos of the procedure and then I was good to go.

 let me talk you through the procedure :

first I signed something that said it takes 6-8 weeks for it to heal and then I got an aftercare spray which I have to apply every 12 hours.

and then I went into this super clean room where the woman slipped the ring I had chosen on to my nose to adjust where I wanted the piercing .then she just put a metal tube in my right nostril and told me to close my eyes and take a deep I did  and then she put a needle through my nose .I couldn’t see what she was doing after but she said she was putting the ring in. I recommend you getting gold rings or studs if you’re allergic to any other kind of metal. 

it didn’t hurt so much but I have a high threshold for pain so you might want to do more research to get ready.

my mom was a bit upset cause she wasn’t really on board with the whole idea and she thought it might not be sanitary ,but I reassured her and showed her pictures of how clean the place was and it kind of calmed her down.

anyway,this is the result.and I’m really happy with it.

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