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    Minimalism. A naive individual might assume that executing minimal art is easy, but we know better than that. It is hard to achieve a fine and clean look when creating minimal jewellery. Any small mistake and the whole design will look sloppy. Precision is the most important key to designing this kind of jewellery. I came across one designer who caught my eye, not because I really love minimal clothing and accessories, but because the products we're so simple but  yet made very delicately. There was some sort of sophistication to the necklaces because you could tell by the way that they looked that they were made with great precision and focus.

   La Terra is the name of a jewellery line based in Italy created by  Iranian designer Anahita Poura. Most of her work seems to be  constructive and inspired by shapes and bended geometrical surfaces. The material is mostly silver .The products have sort of an architectural feel to them, as if every peace of jewellery can be scaled up to become a very modern but simple building or monument. These elements altogether give the jewellery line its basic DNA.

You can see more of La Terra's jewellery on Instagram: @La_terra_jewelry

Dear Consumers

Again I urge you to take a closer look at what you're buying these days. There are certain brands out there which deliver character in their products and are not just some blind reincarnation of products from a huge brand with a huge name. When looking into buying accessories look inside you. What suits you? If  you're buying products just because of the crazy networking and branding that's going on out there, stop. Pay attention to the details and decide without being biased towards a certain "name". Do the characteristics that the product has match your personality? If not, why buy it?

   It's awesome how people can express themselves through the clothes they wear and the things they carry, but lately the deal has changed. There is no expression coming out of the things we wear,or products we use. Our intentions have become more to look "like" someone else, or to show off our financial status, or seem like we fit in a certain group. It's ok to be inspired by certain people, but never ok to forget who we are to seem similar to another person. Don't let the social medias influence you into forgetting who you are.

Photography by : Amirali Piroozbakhsh

Instagram: @photobyamiralii

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