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Lazy Summer

The season to just sit back and relax, or to "Lash" as some of Iran's youth refer to it. There is a subtle joy and fulfillment in doing nothing. Ironic as it sounds, I need some time to just sit and be useless, to waste my time watching useless videos on youtube or spending hours looking for a dress online that I'm never going to buy. 

This process broadens my mind and lets new ideas run into my head. Although sometimes it's frustrating because I fall off the other end of the wagon. That being said, I'm enjoying my summer with minimal activity yet caution. I spend most of my days reading books or going for walks. That's what Calgary does to me. I know I'll be swamped in September when I go back to school. Better not get too used to this lazy life though.  

I played around with the clothes in my suitcase a bit today, borrowed a shirt and necklace from my mom. Actually the sunglasses are hers too. Sometimes I like her clothes better than mine. I Whipped them together and this is what I got.    

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