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Latching On To Summer

The Typical Girl

Enjoy something while it lasts; My motto during the summer. Since I can't wear shorts and tank tops as soon as the cold weather hits, I'm going to town with my summer clothes. loose and light fabrics lift my mood and all in all I'm a happier person when I have loose clothes on.

I did nothing but have fun and enjoy myself this summer. No internships, no summer jobs, nothing. Only pure fun.  I regret nothing and while I'm back in Toronto I am also very energized and focused for the upcoming semester. 

School starts in a week so I thought I might savour the last days of complete freedom before I dive in to the hectic schedule that is going to be my life for the next 8 months. here are a few photos from my strolls around downtown Toronto, visitin places like the Eaton Center, Nordstrom, and of course Kensington market.

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