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Khashayar Sabeti's Story

The fascinating thing about fashion is that it can be combined with other forms of art to create something beautiful. Khashayar Sabeti is one of the designers who uses Illustration and graphic design and prints them on women's clothing. His main focus is the graphic elements and colours of his designs. Take a simple blouse and print a custom design with great detail and quality and voila. You get something special. 

Let's talk about the brand DNA

I'm going to focus on talking about the illustrations worked into this clothing line. Khashayar Sabeti usually uses illustrations inspired by creatures and living beings. Also as you can see in these pictures he works with different forms to create patterns. I asked him if he uses specific colours to project his brand DNA, to which he replied:yes,mainly black and shades of grey.

His professional approach though is mainly in the use of graphic design, which he has studied in university. Fashion design started as something experimental for him. 

He plans on developing his brand and wants to be able to produce his clothing in high quantity. 

You can see his other products in his instagram page : @khashayarsabeti

Using other genres of art and incorporating them into fashion is one of the most fascinating things for me. Do you have any experiences with interdisciplinary art? Show me your work and tell me about it 

Photos by:@photobyamiralii

On a lighter note

Somedays it's just hard to conduct a photoshoot. It's important to be in a good mood and try to have fun while working. Some of the photos will eventually turn out ok. And if you're the one being photographed, make sure to feel good about yourself no matter what. You look good. Just be you in front of the camera. Whether you're the sexy type or the goofy type, you're still awesome. Be confident. 

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