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I Wish My Head Had a Relax Button

Is going with the flow as easy as it sounds? Specially when your an avid planner of every aspect in your life? It’s a bit annoying if someone tells people like me to just “go with the flow” or to “relax” or “not to worry”. I like the concept and I try to apply it to my everyday life as much as I can but yet I find myself trying to control a lot of things; My emotions, my thoughts, my actions, etc.

Not so good eh? on the contrary to what might be implied in the pictures in this post, I am a nervous person a lot of the time. I’d like to be calm and relaxed, but that’s just not who I am. I keep trying to reach a balance between who I am (a nervous, anxious wreck) and who I want to be ( a calm, serene goddess). Some days it’s easier to be calm and positive, Like when I was on vacation this summer. You can see how relaxed I am right? Duh. it’s easy to go with the flow in situations like that. The real challenge is to calm the mind at hard times. That’s going to be a work in progress for me forever. But it helps that I have a supportive family and a good circle of friends around me.

Photos taken by : Amirali Piroozbakhsh

instagram: @photobyamiralii

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