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Hot N' Cold

Hello there, I know I 've been slacking off with the updates and I'm really sorry about that. but the thing is that I finally found a job and I've kind of been working 24/7 so I had little to no time to update my site. work is good if your wondering, it's a bit tiring but I'll be ok.

Calgary's weather  is really wierd,you never know what your gonna get. one minute it's warm and sunny and the next minute clouds start filling the sky and you get chills all over. so it was hard adjusting to this kind of climate . I got a lot of suggestions to wear clothes in layers- like an onion . that being said,this outfit is good for the days that aren't too cold but you want some kind of protection from the winds that pass by sometimes .my feet get really cold and send chills all over my body,so basically if they're warm,I am I wore socks with these really cool shoes I got for only 15 $. I love summer dresses and I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to them just yet so I keep wearing them . but I top them with some kind of jacket to help me feel comfortable in this weather. of course the sun here is very direct even when it's really cold so I put on my favorite hat and just went out for a walk. it's casual but also I think it's chic. it's important to do whatever it takes to feel good about yourself when you go out for any boosts my confidence if I'm wearing something appealing but really comfortable at the same time.

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