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End Of Year Post

Finally, I can take a breather and write for you guys. The semester is finally over and I’m able to take a bit of time for myself. I was looking through my photos and stumbled upon a series  from this summer. We went camping with a group of friends. I didn’t take too many outfits with me so I ended up borrowing the Rolling Stones t-shirt and just wearing it with my favourite overall on our last day. We took the trip  just after I had come back from my first year of being completely on my own. Each of us had changed so much. But not in the same way. Life can be so overwhelming sometimes. Everyone has problems of their own. Situations are different and everyone’s fighting their own battles. It would be a great favour to humanity if we didn’t act like enduring hardship is some sort of competition. Let’s lose the “My problems are bigger than yours” attitude. It is impossible to understand someone if you haven’t been in their shoes.

Let’s take the time to look back and be proud of ourselves for our achievements in 2017 whether they are big or small. Above all let’s set the resolution to feel more empathy towards one another.

P.S: I am very grateful for 2017 

Photos by Amirali Piroozbakhsh


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