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Consistency and My Brother's Closet

All typical girls who have brothers tend to borrow some clothing from their sibling's closet to change up their outfit a little bit. It's fun. This plaid shirt that I'm wearing for instance, it looks good on my brother, but it looks even better on me. I like taking this type of shirts and tying them into  a knot up above my waist. It makes me feel like the only thing I'm missing is a golden retriever and a truck with some good old "Cross Canadian Ragweed" music blasting from the stereo.

a note on consistency

The thing is that tying a shirt above my waist actually made me realize that it wouldn't hurt to work on my abs a little bit. I'm really impulsive and inconsistent about working out. some weeks I go to the gym everyday and other weeks I just don't feel like getting my butt off the couch. Bad, I know. which is why I have decided to develop the positive habit of working out consistently. I decided that the intensity of the workout doesn't matter as long as I just stick to exercising  every day no matter what. I'm not going to jinx my decision by talking about it here too much. Overplaying sort of kills my vibes too. My point is that  I've come to the conclusion that consistency might be the actual key to success in anything we plan on doing . It doesn't matter if we're moving slow or fast. what matters is that we keep going towards what we're looking for.

what do you usually do to make yourself form a habit? tell me, I'd love to know.

Photo taken by my mom, behind Safeway. 

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