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Comfort Comes First

We have a saying in Iran . " kill me but make me look beautiful." it describes the importance of looking our best wherever we go. Iranian women try to look their best even when they're going grocery shopping, just in case,wink.I don't want to generalize here but I've seen women wearing really high heels for a simple trip to the mall. It's not just a question of appropriateness here but a safety issue I think. I mean is it safe to go up and down those escalators wearing those? Why? Not to mention you're feet are going to be in terrible pain and then it'll cause you to act grumpy and bitch-like and jump at your boyfriend for walking too fast or don't get me wrong,I personally love high heels (in the appropriate time and place).or some of us wear something that's to tight .we can't breathe or bend properly. Or in some cases we just want to wear something to keep up with a certain trend but deep down we know the choice isn't the best for us. I don't want to talk about being overdressed in this article .the subject is about comfort.feeling comfortable is important wherever you go. Find a balance between style and comfort. Let me first tell you about the importance of this issue. Feeling comfortable increases your confidence, it elevates your mood and it helps you function better. Feeling comfortable in your clothes at a party increases your social abilities ,makes you dance better, and helps you have fun.when you're on a date it helps you make a better impression ,helps you be more yourself. Shopping, how many of us have made bad shopping choices because we were too tired in our uncomfortable clothes or not thinking straight? 

I think the priority to feel comfortable should be in the same level as looking good, and I urge all ladies and gentlemen to give this issue more th aught when they are heading to their closets to get ready for whatever event or place they're going.

I'm wearing the most comfortable set of clothes  in my closet here.and I think I look alright,eh?

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