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Chapter Zero

This is a start of a new beginning for me, so no more Tumblr you guys. I have my own site now and I hope I won't disappoint you. Wardrobe-wise I'm a bit short on clothes right now cause I just moved to Calgary so I need some time to put an outfit together to share with you ,but until then I hope you can just bare with me and read my anecdotes about moving to a new place and everything, this blog isn't really categorized so you'll be reading and learning about basically everything here. So my first week of arrival was wierd because there was a lot of smoke hovering in the city ,seriously you could smell the burnt wood in the air, and you don't know what you get with Calgary weather. here for a trip to downtown I wore something like a raincoat because I thought it might rain. but with a dress underneath. It got sunny by noon so I just took the coat off and I was good. Use bold colours once in a while. wear what makes you feel good and you'll be ok.Even if you are in a new city and have no knowledge about anything  that goes on in the city.Keep your head up high and you'll get the hang of it eventually.

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