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Bipolar Weather, Closet Dillema

I sort of went crazy and matched some stuff from my wardrobe I never thought I would ever put together. I don't understand the weather in Calgary yet, but I'm trying to. It was really windy then again when the wind stopped it was really warm. Then in 5 minutes it started to rain. This weather is too bipolar for me. That's why you can't get the overall feel of this outfit. I'm wearing a woollen long shirt along with short jeans, cause I'm trying to match the bipolar weather. It's fun to do some mixing and matching and just to step out of your comfort zone. Match stuff that you never in a million years would match together. It might turn out pretty nice. You never know.

On a deeper note:

Life is sometimes really full of paradoxes isn't it? The weather seems to be matching my mood right now because I have been an emotional roller coaster for the last 2 weeks. I get really down and whiney about stuff one second and the other second I'm so happy jumping up and down and looking really forward to September, when I start school again. Then after 5 minutes I'm depressed that I haven't found a summer job yet. It's weird to be me. But I have made a decision not to complain too much. I sort of started a conversation with myself and found out I'm nagging too much.I know it's such a cliche but Living in the moment and not thinking about the future or the past is my key to happiness.

What do you think of the outfit? Yay?nay? Let me know. And tell me the story of your ups and downs. 

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