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A Trip To Tehran

People from around the world tend to underestimate the abilities of Iranian designers. their perspective about manufacturing and design is limited to their overall vision of Iran as a third world country. on the opposite side of this issue, we have people from our own country who overestimate their abilities and think anybody that has connection to fabric and basic materials can become a fashion designer, without proper knowledge of media is no help in this matter. people become famous not because of the quality of their brand, but because of other peripheral matters. the general population tends to follow accounts on social media that already have a lot of followers, regardless of why that page is famous in the first place. they tend to buy products with no quality just because they've heard of the brand name or a celebrity is the designer, etc. 

During my journey to Tehran I had the privilege to get acquainted with some brands and designers who take the production process just as seriously as the design process.  

I have dedicated separate posts to introduce these designers and my overall opinion about the strengths and weaknesses of each one, which will be posted in the upcoming weeks.

On a lighter note, I have to say my trip to Tehran was one of the best trips I have ever been on. I saw my friends and also got a lot of stuff done.I sincerely like to thank every body who was a part of this journey, and although I don't know when I will be able to meet them again I wish them all the goodness in the world. They all helped me get through tough times and also made the good times shine brighter. I Ate the best food in the world, and I have to give it to you, Nowrooz is the best time to visit Iran(around mid March.) Tehran is not too crowded and the people seem to be happier around that time. you can catch a ride with a friend and just drive down Valisasr St. look at the trees and sip your cup of coffee from Lamiz. ( we don't have Starbucks,but we do have Lamiz which has good coffee.) or you can drop off at Tajrish Sq and just get lost in the crowd, Listening to Peyman Yazdanian. the sweet and smooth music gives a nice paradox to the super loud atmosphere.

I Love Tehran.

Photo by Alireza Khatibi 

Instagram account :alirezakhatibiii

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