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A Grainy Post

My head, and this post's picture is full of noise. I cannot believe all the places I've visited in the past couple of weeks. Now, as I'm on a plane back to Canada It all seems like it was a dream. Kind of like the old photographs our parents have from when they were younger. You know, the grainy one's they took at night. 

3rd street promenade, Santa Monica was amazing. Lots of music and people dancing and no cars crossing the street. According to one of my friends if you inject a little bit of California to  Tehran's Sepahsalar street you'll get 3rd street Promenade. She's sort of right.

I didn't know if I should dress casually or sort of fancy for a stroll down this beautiful street so I kind of tried for something in between.

The  strapless jumpsuit is from Club Monacco, the jacket is from American Eagle Outfitters and the shoes are obviously Adidas. My wallet that I try to double as a clutch is from Fossil. 

photo by: Leily Khatibi

instagram: @fewnew

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