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7 things I learned while living alone.

Notes From The Mind Of A Semi Independent Me

 I always found the idea of becoming independent very appealing. I was always drawn to the idea of having to buy groceries and paying bills and doing laundry and going to work and finally coming home with a bottle of wine to celebrate my productive day. It all seemed very grown up to me. I remember counting the days to when I would finally  move to Toronto. The day finally came, weeks and months passed as I was too drowned in my new life to actually notice that I had finally gotten what I wanted. I was paying my own bills and doing everything by myself. I started to feel really proud of myself and then a little bit down the road, I suddenly felt this weird longing for the type of laziness I used to be submerged in as the result of the unconditional support and help provided by my family. They woke me up, did my laundry, cooked me food kissed and hugged me and told me everything was gonna be ok when I was sad.

But overall, It’s a great experience.

I’m gonna let you in on what I’ve learned in my time here living alone.

1-Life is more expensive than you’d think

Who would have thought that I’d be spending this much money on toothpaste, Detergent, butter, milk and stuff like that? weren’t those things free before?!

2- Doing laundry is a really fun activity

just the smell of fabric softener makes me happy. Not to mention the warm feeling of the clothes when you get them out of the dryer. The whole process is weirdly calming.

3-I can walk around naked!

well not just that but I can also leave the toilet door open whenever I want to and my singing doesn’t bother anyone anymore.

4-nothing gets done by itself

you know before I moved out of the house I assumed some stuff would just get done. Like I never watered plants, I never cleaned out the fridge of old food, I never emptied out the trashcan. Those were the stuff that just appeared to always be taken care of (yes I was a very spoiled child, little to no chores for me). Now I find myself having to remember to actually take care of things and water my plants and emptying my trashcan.

5-Remember to eat.

It’s not just the fact that I have to remember to eat, but the fact that sometimes I’m too lazy to cook or too lazy to get up and go into the cold to actually go buy food.

6-It’s tough, but it’s what I wanted isn’t it?

I find myself complaining that my dad isn’t around to help me with my projects or just to hang out with me. I miss our fights and everything, but I have to remind myself it’s exactly what I wanted and I should stop whining and just enjoy the adventures and experiences.

7-Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely.

sometimes in the past when I thought of people living alone I’d imagine someone with a cat and a TV dinner and some kind of Bridget Jones scenery before he met Mr Darcy. A dull image. But I proved myself wrong. It’s nice to be alone, to have personal space. It’s really calming actually.

Let me know about your experiences of living alone, or if you don't live alone, what do you think it's going to feel like for you if you do?

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