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2015 life lessons that led to 2016 resolutions

2015 was a year with a lot of endings and a lot of starts for me. As though one book in my life ended and another one started with "Once upon a time there was a typical girl who moved to Canada." 2015 was the roller coaster of my life.

This article is about my journey this year ,and how my appearance changed as I changed as a person and what I learned along the way:

Lesson #1

Change of hairstyle isn't important,It's what's under the hair that counts

I changed my hairstyle at least 4 times in 2015.I was acting like an impulsive wreck to be honest. It consumed too much time and energy.(and money) it was fun I'm not going to lie. But now that I think about it ,it was just a sign of me trying to step out my comfort zone & struggling to find out who I am. Because it was along the time that I felt I had lost my individuality and that I wasn't getting closer to my goals. I thought being impulsive was the same as stepping outside one's comfort zone. It didn't help at all. What matters isn't the useless actions that only change how I look like .that's not going to make me feel different. It should start with the way I perceive the world. I should change the way I think about my life for hair isn't the only thing I can change. I can change my attitude towards life. Change of perspective is important.

So I must conclude my first resolution for this year:

I Will Change the way I see myself.

Lesson #2

The only thing permanent in life is a tattoo so choose it wisely.

2015 was the year I got my first two is an arrow that represents how problems in life hold us back but shoot us towards our goals. And another one is a triangle. It's a shape that represents stability as well as strength . I got it because I like somethings in my life to be certain. Somethings I need constant reminding of. On the flip side of this concept, It's nice to know that nothing in life is permanent. It's good to know everything will pass . It helps us through the hard times, but the challenge is that the happy moments and great moments don't last either so it's important to cherish those as well cause they will pass too.

So my second resolution for 2016 is:

Stress less often, nothing's definite.

Lesson #3

If you don't let it out,you're going to burst.

Remember my shopping therapy incident? Up until that moment I thought acting strong and tough at all times was the way to go. Suck it up I'd always say. Don't be sad .blah blah blah. No .we all saw how that backfired.I ended up having a nervous breakdown and spending more than I could handle . Not a bad experience I must say .it was a great style & mood booster,but I could have handled it better. My conclusion is that it's ok to feel sad or down or not can't always be "on". If you try to conceal your feelings they are gonna come back to haunt you believe me. Being strong doesn't mean being a robot. It means letting yourself feel pain and just let it out of your system.

So the 3rd resolution of 2016 is:

Allow yourself to feel your emotions in your own pace.

 I wish you all a happy new year & hope we learn new lessons and achieve great experiences in the following year.

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