People call me Mahtab. It means Moonlight in Farsi. I'm a designer and visual storyteller based in Toronto, Ontario.

In the midst of looking for new ways to express my ideas, I have gained specialization in graphic design, Illustration, and art direction. I like to use my vivid imagination  to reach practical solutions.

After obtaining my  Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design, I decided to pursue my love for fashion and started studying Fashion Communication at Ryerson University. 

Here you can discover my portfolio, as well as my tiny blog where I post about design and fashion. 

Oh, and here's my resume. In case you'd want to take a look.


Art Direction

    My latest project is called Goja- /ˈd͡ʒoja/ which means Joyful in Esperanto.

The illustrated website aims to create a deeper understanding of sustainable fashion practices. Based on Brismar’s seven types of sustainable practice, the project introduces 7 Illustrated personas that contribute to sustainable fashion in different ways. The website also offers a database that familiarizes the audience with various fashion brands and services that match the user’s sustainable personality type.

    The goal is to minimize the value-action gap that is present between what people believe in and what people do in terms of sustainable fashion.

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