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Candy Cotton

Fun Facts

On a mission to make tech more human. I thrive on solving tricky and complex problems, with a knack for weaving together people's needs and business goals and a passion for accessibility

👋 I'm Mahtab 

I design digital experiences. 

Mahtab Abghari

Dual degree in

Fashion Communication and Industrial Design

My name means moonlight in Farsi

My fav Designers

are Don Norman

& Dieter Rams

People say I am a great team player and collaborator.

I have 3 years of experience in Fintech.

What's Next?

Selected Projects

Leading multifaceted projects like the design of the KoraCard (a Virtual Visa Card) and the comprehensive rebranding project, which has refined my ability to harmonize user-centric design with the strategic vision of a company.

Kora Financial Inc.

My role: Product Designer, Visual Designer

I solve for complex, matrixed client fraud prevention requirements and mitigate bank risk exposure. I navigate a product with both Advisor-facing and client-facing components. While I'm bound by a strict NDA, I'm excited to offer as much as I am allowed into my experiences upon request or during an interview process.

RBC | Business Banking

My role: Product Designer

 "How might we make sustainable fashion accessible and enjoyable, bridging the gap between belief and action?" I led the 0-100 for this project, resulting in an illustrative website that explores sustainable fashion practices through seven unique personas. It also offers a curated database of eco-conscious fashion brands to match users' sustainable consumption preferences.


My role: Product Designer, Visual Designer, Brand Designer

my pride and joy from my industrial design days.  I designed an anti-theft backpack that provides easy access for the user. It's not just a backpack; it's a hybrid backpack and vest with a stopper system that would leave the craftiest thieves scratching their heads. 

The Urbie Pack

My role: Product Designer

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